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In a crowded marketplace you need BETTER choice, not just more choice

Cohesion’s capability is connecting investors with investment opportunities that make money. We identify growth in a world where growth is scarce. This will always be underpinned by exceptional and indisputable growth drivers with predictable outcomes and without compromising wealth preservation

Spike Hughes

Spike Hughes

Founder and CEO of Cohesion

“I have spent over 30 years building partnerships in the investment industry. Partnership is a very overused phrase. To genuinely build a partnership rather than just be another contact you have to deeply understand the wants and needs of investors. Too many salespeople in our industry go into meetings with the product that matters to them rather than to the client”


James Caan CBE

Entrepreneur and Chairman of Cohesion

“I back people first and then their businesses. What I am looking for is someone with the same drive, determination and conviction that I have. I have never met someone more committed and convincing than Spike who has already raised over $15bn in assets for major businesses in his career”


James Caan

Our Investment Themes

Successful investors identify companies that can grow their earnings and share prices faster than those around them

One theme that for two decades has consistently centred around faster growing earnings and better performance is water

Today potentially offers one of the most attractive entry points seen in recent times

Like Water, India is a market that offers investors access to companies growing faster than other markets based on better fundamentals and underpinned by long term structural growth drivers

The Indian economy and market is forecast to add trillions of dollars of new wealth in the next few years and this presents a very exciting opportunity

Now could be a very attractive time for investors to get on India’s growth journey as, on some measures, India’s valuations are looking more attractive than their long term average

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To successfully market your investment products into the professional investor community requires a deep, thorough understanding of the true wants and needs of this very competitive arena. We can provide you with a cost effective, proven route to market

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