Partner With Us

What are we looking for in a fund manager partner?

We are always looking to work with unique fund manager partners

If you have an investment product that you would like to take to the professional investor market, we would be delighted to meet with you. We know that time is precious and we will always be candid with you from the start. In a highly commoditised marketplace, there is little point in throwing time and money at promoting solutions that don’t meet the needs of clients

We are looking for fund managers who have delivered consistent performance that sets them apart from the competition and who have done so with a clear, repeatable, and believable process that will excite decision makers who have seen almost everything




What can you expect from us and what sets us apart?

If you are looking to access the professional investor market, then we believe we provide a better option than hiring your own sales team. You will save time, recruitment costs, and the considerable support costs that are associated with running your own sales team. Far more importantly, we are incentivised purely by results. We don’t get paid to offer you consultancy, we don’t get paid for setting up meetings, and we don’t get paid if we come second in a beauty parade. We earn our money when you receive assets and we carry on getting paid to keep those assets with you. We think this is the only way in which we can be totally aligned with you

We take a long-term view on partnerships and will be investing considerable amounts of our own time and money in building success together. It is likely that we will spend in excess of 100 hours developing the marketing story before we speak to the first client. All of this will be provided at our own time and expense to make sure we have the very strongest message to take to a market that we know well

Once the story is robust, we will use our network of contacts to arrange meetings with key decision makers in the most important distribution and discretionary businesses. Quite simply, we will present your investment product in the very best light to the people who sign off on investments or who control mass-market distribution.

You will be kept fully informed about the progress we are making as you would if you hired your own Head of Sales to service this market