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Investing in India

Why invest in India?

Successful investors identify companies that can grow their earnings and share prices faster than those around them

One theme and country that for two decades has consistently delivered faster growing earnings and better performance is India

The Indian opportunity for investors

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has emerged as a key destination for foreign investors in recent years

The Indian economy, even during its slowdown years, typically grew at a pace developed countries have not seen for decades. We believe movements under the surface of Indian society are leading to growing opportunities for companies in India. As people increasingly move into cities, attain middle class status and want houses, cars, motorbikes, fridges, televisions, financial services, entertainment and a host of other items, we feel there is the opportunity for investors to see a strong potential return from investments in India

India’s dynamic Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has asserted himself as a dominant leader in India and, now, in his second term, is driving reform and change across the country in a way never seen before and, whilst there will be temporary periods of slowing and taking a breather, nevertheless the direction is very clear – this is a country expecting to double and treble in economic size in just a few years

Harnessing the local knowledge, expertise and reach

In such a diverse country, there is no substitute for local knowledge. Cohesion has partnered with leading on the ground experts who have in-depth knowledge and expertise of the local market. They are one of the biggest and most dominant players in India and have repeatedly been recognised as one of the best in their field and have a track record that is not only one of the best in India, but probably one of the best long-term fund performances in the world spanning more than two decades


Investing in Water

Why invest in Water?

Successful investors identify companies that can grow their earnings and share prices faster than those around them

One theme that for two decades has consistently centred around faster growing earnings and better performance is water

Today potentially offers one of the most attractive entry points seen in recent times

Investors can relate to Water

In an uncertain world we draw comfort from investing in assets where there is a real and sustainable need. In our view, nowhere does this statement better apply than water. Other commodities, goods or services can be cancelled when times get tough, or substituted for something else

Water is certainly the world's most precious resource, there is simply no substitute

The Water crisis

Two thirds of the world’s population currently faces water scarcity today

By 2030 the world’s annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 40% due to population growth and urbanisation

High profile water issues, such as pollution / lack of clean water, are driving powerful regulation and enforcement globally

US$ 13.7 trillion is required in global water infrastructure spend by 2030 – more than 4.5x the GDP of the UK. Developed markets are replacing ageing water infrastructure whilst emerging markets are often installing it for the first time

Investing in market-leaders

Water companies are confronting the water crisis through the provision of pioneering solutions

They are developing cutting-edge technologies in global end markets and benefitting from multi-billion-dollar government spending programmes on water infrastructure

Water is a responsible investment

Solution providers addressing the water crisis are inherently more likely to achieve exceptional ESG standards

We believe that companies with superior ESG standards are likely to outperform

Our water expert partners have developed a customised methodology that actually measures the positive impact of the portfolio's activities against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Where in a portfolio may a water fund be considered?

Most thematic funds require an asset allocator to be bullish on a particular asset class. To buy a gold fund you probably have to be aggressively confident on gold. To buy an energy fund you are likely to be bullish on the oil price. Investing in water is different and a long term growth theme where an allocation to water could be an attractive source of alpha and diversification to a portfolio for many years to come