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Since Odey Opus Fund was launched in August 2001 it has not just outpaced its benchmark; it has beaten it by hundreds of percentage points.  One simply cannot deliver this sort of outperformance by just tweaking index weightings

Only by investing very differently from the market can one hope to deliver exceptional returns. The way in which Crispin builds his portfolio is around themes generated by his hand picked team of economists, strategists, dedicated sector specialists and other “free thinkers”

When early into a theme and waiting for events to unfold or for other investors to wake up to the opportunity, Crispin is prepared to wait patiently where he feels he sees strong opportunities. He backs his convictions, happy to hold a 7 - 9% position in his favourite ideas, even if they represent only a tiny part of his benchmark (MSCI Daily TR Net World Index)

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At Cohesion Investments we aim to bring you not just more choice, but better choice. We think that principle should apply to information too. Our approach is one that we hope you will find refreshingly different. We only issue fund updates when one of our leading fund managers really has something to say that hasn’t been said by everyone else.  This way you can be sure that when we produce something, we really do think it is worth reading

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CF Odey Investment Funds AIID November 2015

Applications can be placed by calling Capita Financial directly on the dealing line (0845 300 2106) or by email at ordergroup@capitafinancial.com

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For further information on the fund, please contact 020 7399 6715 or email clientservices@cohesioninvestments.com


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All subscription monies must be received in the subscription account of Capita Financial Managers Limited, no later than 5.00pm on the fourth Business Day following the relevant Dealing Day. A completed Application Form should be received by 12pm on the relevant Dealing Day. A Dealing Day is every day the London Stock Exchange is open. If subscription monies have not been received by Capita within the time period specified above, the directors of the company may cancel any allotment of shares made and charge the applicant for any loss, cost, expense or fees suffered by the company as a result of such cancellation of shares


All shares will be registered and issued in inscribed form, i.e. no certificate will be issued but ownership will be evidenced by entry on the Fund's register of shareholders