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Odey Asset Management

Crispin Odey is arguably the finest fund manager of his generation, often described as a legendary investor and one of the leading lights in the City who genuinely qualify as a ‘grandee’

Previously the preserve of the ultra-wealthy and institutional investors, Odey Opus Fund brings Crispin Odey within reach of all investors

The Odey Opus Fund is a high conviction fund that only invests in the very best ideas of Crispin and his highly talented and handpicked team

Crispin is a significant individual investor in this fund; the chef really does eat his own cooking.

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Kleinwort Benson Investors

Looking for equity income without compromising total return?

Are you looking for:

  • High, sustainable and growing income combined with capital growth
  • Greater consistency of return and income payments and therefore less volatility than conventional approaches


  • To spread your manager risk with a different, proven and complementary dividend based approach


  • Growth investing with less volatility from a dividend approach to complement existing growth strategies


The KBI Water is anything but a boring UK utilities fund…

  • In an uncertain world we can all draw comfort from investing in real assets for which there is a real and sustainable need.
  • The world’s population is expanding by 200,000 people every day and the supply of water isn’t.
  • To tackle this chronic water shortage problem an astonishing $22tn is going to be spent on water infrastructure over the next 15 years. This creates a myriad of new opportunities.
  • It would be folly to think of the water sector as being a dull and homogenous utility sector. With so much money at stake, technology opportunities are plentiful in water

Reliance Capital Asset Management

  • In a country that is as diverse as India there is really no substitute for local knowledge. With a political landscape that can change entirely overnight, having one’s finger on the pulse is essential. We simply do not believe that an Indian fund can be managed as well from London or Edinburgh as it can by Indians based in India
  • Reliance is found at every level of Indian business and society. Their diverse businesses serve an astonishing 100 million customers in nearly 500,000 towns and villages across India
  • Reliance operates across telecoms, power, infrastructure, entertainment, financial services and many other sectors. This allows Reliance fund managers a privileged insight into new consumer trends, changing regulation and new challenges before other market participants
  • The proof of the success of Reliance’s process is in the astonishing success of the Reliance Growth Fund which, under the stewardship of Madhu Kela and Sunil Singhania, has outperformed its benchmark by thousands of percent
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