“Cohesion’s capability is knowing how to make money for investors”

Spike Hughes, Founder & CEO, Cohesion

Accessing Superior Growth

There are limited opportunities for strong and predictable growth globally

An Investor’s Dilemma

Investors often have to choose between:

  • Lower growth opportunities with predictable outcomes
  • Strong growth opportunities with unpredictable outcomes


Cohesion exists to provide strong growth with predictable outcomes

The Most Successful Investments Contain Three Key Elements


Strong & Predictable Growth

Being invested in a market with powerful tailwinds which provide almost inevitable growth


Access that others simply don’t have, only available by partnering with one of the world’s most successful investment managers who can unlock the market’s full potential




Not only investing at the right time but also the length of time that an investment is held, ensuring it reaches its full potential

Cohesion: an India Dedicated Investment Manager


India, a Strong and Predictable Growth Theme

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Cohesion’s Access

Access to the best information and scarce deals is the key to investment success and ACCESS is Cohesion’s differentiator through its exclusive joint venture partnership with Madhusudan Kela, the most successful investor Cohesion’s Founder has witnessed in his 30-year career

This partnership is based on a shared vision to manage money for select institutions and private family offices




Warren Buffet once said that the ideal holding time for a great investment is forever

We don’t need to wait that long, however, if you’re invested in great companies in a strong market, picked by a legendary investment manager, you can really benefit from the power of compounding

Cohesion’s Offering -
By Invitation

Cohesion MK Best Ideas

Soft launched in August 2020 and from December 2022, by invitation, offers a second tranche of select investors the opportunity to invest in the same concentrated portfolio of Madhu Kela’s ‘Best Ideas’ – companies listed in India on the world’s fastest growing stock market

Cohesion MK Co-Investment

Co-investment opportunities, for investors in Cohesion MK Best Ideas. This will include both listed and private investments of exceptional quality where access is key, access that most investors (even the biggest investors) simply don’t have