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Spike Hughes

Spike Hughes

Founder and CEO of Cohesion

“I have spent over 30 years building partnerships in the investment industry. Partnership is a very overused phrase. To genuinely build a partnership rather than just be another contact you have to deeply understand the wants and needs of investors. Too many salespeople in our industry go into meetings with the product that matters to them rather than to the client”


James Caan CBE

Entrepreneur and Chairman of Cohesion

“I back people first and then their businesses. What I am looking for is someone with the same drive, determination and conviction that I have. I have never met someone more committed and convincing than Spike who has already raised over $15bn in assets for major businesses in his career”


James Caan

Our Fund Partners

In our opinion, Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management (RNAM) is not just a household name in India, it is the household name, and it is the preferred choice for millions of investors

RNAM has been successfully managing money for over two decades and has become one of the most-trusted fund houses in India. Over this time, it has innovated and pioneered within the industry to become one of the country’s largest fund houses and has expanded its presence to over 160 locations

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has emerged as a key destination for foreign investors in recent years


Equity income investing has been popular for decades but there is so much more to KBIGI’s process than is found in many traditional equity income approaches – available via KBIGI North America fund

One investment opportunity that we believe cannot be ignored in the coming years is water. With multiple drivers, diversification and high growth, KBIGI have an exciting story to tell


Partner With Us

To successfully market your investment products into the professional investor market requires a deep, thorough understanding of the true wants and needs of this very competitive market. We can provide you with a cost effective, proven route to this market

Crispin Odey

My relationship with Cohesion

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