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Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited ("RCAM")

Hear from Spike on India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has emerged as a key destination for foreign investors in recent years. Nearly two decades of economic liberalisation, along with robust domestic demand, a growing middle class, a young population, and the potential for a high ‘return on investment’ make India a credible investment destination. The newly formed Government's focus on reforms to attract enhanced private investment, accelerate GDP growth rate and reduce fiscal deficit, have contributed to creating a positive environment

The recently introduced reforms have provided a further boost to investors to invest in Indian capital markets

Reliance Capital is anchored by a team of experienced and committed visionaries who are dedicated towards scaling the company to greater heights through innovation and excellence; thereby creating value for its stakeholders

In such a diverse country there is no substitute for local knowledge. RCAM’s fund managers with their in-depth knowledge and expertise of the local market have repeatedly been recognised amongst one of the best in their field

RCAM is a leading asset manager in India with its mutual fund arm managing average assets under management of USD 36 billion for over 5 million investors as on 31st December 20141. They have been managing funds for more than 19 years. Evidence of the strength of RCAM’s investment process can be seen in the performance of its flagship mutual funds, under the stewardship of Sunil Singhania and earlier under Mr Mahdu Kela


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Source: 1Reliance 31/12/2014

Key Risks: Past performance does not guarantee future results and the value of all investments and the potential income derived there from can decrease as well as increase. Risks of investing in India include, among others, political, commercial, environmental, economic and FX risk. Investing in equities is considered to be “high risk”

Kleinwort Benson Investors (KBI)

Hear from Spike on KBI

Equity income investing has been popular for decades but there is so much more to KBI’s process than is found in many traditional equity income approaches – available via KBI’s Developed (Global), Emerging Markets and North America funds

One investment opportunity that we believe cannot be ignored in the coming years is Water. With multiple drivers, diversification and high growth, KBI have an exciting story to tell   

About KBI

Kleinwort Benson Investors (KBI) could be described as an institutional boutique; based in Dublin, they enjoy the scale and resource demanded by institutional mandates and the collegiate team free spirit and passion found in the best boutiques

KBI’s refreshing approach has developed a strong following - one of the fastest growing fund groups in the industry having doubled their assets under management to over USD 8.3 billion since early 2014*

KBI have won every penny they manage from clients around the world in open competition. They are not a subsidiary of the Kleinwort Benson Bank and therefore have no conflicts of interest that might dissuade private bank clients from allocating to an apparent competitor - in fact KBI have independently won their clients and assets from investors across the globe

* KBI as at 30/06/2015

Experts in two specialist areas:


Investing in Water

  • So much more than just utilities, water investing is filled with incredible and globally diversified growth opportunities in technology, logistics and infrastructure – not normally captured in such a unique way
  • KBIGI Water Fund has beaten the MSCI World Index (EUR) in 14 out of the last 18 years3. Whilst past performance is not a guide to the future the KBIGI team continue to see the potential for significantly superior earnings growth looking forward that should help drive future returns




Investing in North America

  • Equity income investing has been popular for decades but there is so much more to KBIGI’s process than is found in many traditional equity income approaches
  • KBIGI are total return investors with the conviction that companies with the financial strength and discipline to maintain and grow their dividend commitments will be likely to outperform
  • Uniquely, KBIGI aims to find such companies in every sector, region and market cap, even where dividends are low and not typically considered